Dark Matter



Dark Matter cannabis strain is an evenly balanced hybrid by Kingdom Organic. This strain i quite easy to grow and clone, with vigorous and generous qualities. Buds are as hard as hash with massive resin production and big yields. Filled with diverse smells and flavours. Ideal for daytime or evening usage.

Type of High

Dark Matter cannabis strain i’s high will provide yu with a buzzy cerebral factor paired with a head-to-toe tranquility that evens it all out perfectly.


Aka: Dark Matter F1. Breeder: Kingdom Organic. Lineage: Dark Matter cannabis strain is a cross between Rusty Haze (male) and Cherry Thunderfuck cannabis strain. Buy Dark matter cannabis strain Online at Exoticcannabisshop.

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2 reviews for Dark Matter

  • Moe4

    I cannot express this sufficiently. Tears of gratitude and relief. I am a 65yo recently taken off all opiate-for- severe-pain patient…new to cannabis…got my card 8 months ago…tried SO many strains. THIS. Now I get it. This is the very first totally blissed out experience I have had in my entire life. It is like the best nitrous oxide but w/o the mask and tank. No panic, no stress, no racing heart, no monkey-crazy racing thoughts…in fact, totally clear headed but also totally removed from a sense of time. For the first time in a long, long time — I have NO FUCKING PAIN. SO GRATEFUL

  • Parker

    I really like this one. It gave me a heavy head high while feeling physically fine. I don’t get too hungry, which I like. I noticed a distortion of time as well. Moderately good for pain control, great to curb anxiety. Heightened senses too.

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